Roadmap for Transition after Morsi

The Tamarod (‘Rebel’) campaign is a grassroots effort to delegitimize Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi’s rule. It has been the driving force behind the June 30th protests which are expected to draw some of the largest crowds since the January 25th revolution in 2011. On Wednesday, the June 30th organizers held a conference to design a roadmap for transition, should they succeed in ousting Morsi.  Egypt Independent published an outline of the transition plan which consists of five major pillars:

  1. The current chairman of the Constitutional Court will temporarily take over the Presidency of the Republic. However, the post will be primarily ‘honorary.’
  2. Executive powers will be transferred to the Prime Minister who will lead the government in designing an economic rescue plan and implementing social justice measures.
  3. The National Defense Council will be called upon to continue to perform its role in protecting the safety and security of the nation.
  4. A committee of legal and constitutional jurists will draft a new constitution which will be subject to popular referendum. The committee will also have temporary legislative power to review ‘necessary and essential laws’ for interim administration.
  5. The transition period will not exceed 6 months. New presidential elections will be conducted under strict judicial supervision and international oversight, with parliamentary elections to follow.

Mohammed Badr, the spokesperson for the Tamorod campaign, told Egypt Independent, “The battle is not to overthrow the Muslim Brotherhood, it is to save Egypt.”


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